This is the awesome team at PADDLE! the Florida Keys. We all are here to make your time on the water the best part of your vacation. We can also help you select the perfect paddleboard, skateboard, or swimsuit to meet your individual needs!
Owner, Instructor - ASI (Academy of Surfing Instruction) Level 2
A relative newcomer to the Keys, Scott is a former elite level mountain bike racer, now an elite level paddleboarder who can be seen at many local races. A lifelong paddler, Scott grew up enjoying canoeing (a family past time) and kayaking. He enjoys slow easy paddling as well as spirited racing. You can find Scott paddling the Tavernier area in Florida Bay as well as on the ocean side of Key Largo and Islamorada.
Associate, SUP Racer, Fitness and Yoga Instructor
Seychelle is the current world record holder for the most miles paddled in 24 hours, man or woman 🙂She has been with PADDLE! for a couple of years, and is very successful on the local racing scene. She also teaches paddleboard racing, fitness, and yoga classes.
Associate, Tour Guide, Beach Bum at Paddle 88
Crystal is a recent transplant from North Carolina to the Keys. She splits her time between the shop and the beach. Sometimes you might even see her twin sister hanging around. In addition to leading tours, Crystal teaches SUP Yoga and lays down the law at the beach too. Crystal and her husband Zach are avid anglers and they enjoy getting out and catching a few.
Associate, Tour Guide
Mike has been in the Keys since 1989. He is very enthusiastic about teaching paddleboarding and everyone who goes on a tour with him falls completely in love. Mike is also our resident skateboard expert at PADDLE! the Florida Keys.
Associate, Tour Guide, Beach Bum at Paddle 88
Chris splits his time between working in the shop and keeping the beach running at the Paddle 88 location. Chris is also a Marine Reservist and very excited to be doing eco tours here in Tavernier. He studies the local flora and fauna, so try to stump him if he is your guide.
Associate, Tour Guide, Beach Bum at Paddle 88, Special Olympic Head Coach
"Big" Lou is a former Lake Bum from Austin, TX, with a passion for all things water-related. She loves taking customers on adventures through the mangroves and is proud to be the head coach of the "Upper Keys Manatees" Special Olympic SUP team. When she isn't paddle boarding, you can find her deep sea fishing and diving with her salty captain and grom, Lake.
Beach Bum at Paddle 88
Hunter was working the PADDLE! 88 beach long before we owned it. He is very enthusiastic and works hard getting boards and boats in and out of the water. Hunter is also an avid longboard skater and has quite the collection. Since he's still in school, he only works summers and holiday weekends.